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Digital Offset Printing

Digital Offset Printing

On Demand printing from one to thousands of:

•Brochures •Invitations •Magazines •Annual Reports •Posters •Programmes •Calendars •ID Badges •Vouchers •Certificates • Mail-outs •Bar Code Forms •Books •Labels •Cheques •Wobblers •Tickets •Post Cards •Folders •Call Cards •Letterheads •Adhesive Stickers and lots more.

Print Specs:

  • Max. Paper Size: 13” x 19”
  • Max. Image Size: 12.25” x 17.5”


With two (2) digital presses, 75% of all jobs are processed on the same day, and 95% within 24 hours.

Stock - Paper

Stock - Paper

Wide range includes:

  • Specialty (Waterproof) - PVC Frost, Vinyl, Styrene, Teslin, Static Cling, Transparent.
  • Metallics - Pearlized Silver, Gold, Platinum & Quartz, Shimmer Iridescent.

  • Textured - Water Colour, Linen, Laid

  • Adhesives – Matte, Gloss & Waterproof Vinyl, Teslin, Clear, Polyester

  • Text & Cover – Gloss, Matte, Satin, Uncoated


Large selection includes:

  • Stock Sizes - 4.75” x 6.5”, 5.25” x 7.25”, 5.5” x 5.5” square and customized sizes as required.

  • Colours - White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Black, Brown Bag, Translucent, Gold, Silver, Copper

  • Specialty Range - Metallics, Quartz, Textured, Gold, Silver & Red Foil Lined
Digital Die-Cutting Services:

Digital Die-Cutting Services:

  • High Precision Digital Cutting (From computer to die-cutter, no manual rules or die blocks)
  • More Economical Prices (Lower set-up costs)
  • Faster Turnaround Deliveries
  • Prototypes – New Design Testing

Applications: Danglers & Wobblers, Invitations, Shelf Talkers, Tent Cards, Boxes, Folders, Info Kits, Signs, Envelopes, Adhesive Stickers, CD Jackets, Displays, 3D Models, Packaging.

Personalisation and Variable Data

Personalisation and Variable Data

  • Names & Addresses - Certificates, Invitations, Mail-outs

  • Text & Images - ID Badges, Scratch Cards, Vouchers

  • Bar Codes - Forms, Labels, Security Printing, Cheques, Tickets, Packaging

  • Numbering - Alphanumeric, drop on & drop out

Security Printing

Security Printing

  • Invisible Ink: Invisible under normal lighting but fluoresces RED under UV light - Printed as watermarks, numbering, variable data, images.

  • Applications: Tickets, Cheques, Vouchers, Gift Certificates, Promotional Items.
Bar Codes & Micro Text

Bar Codes & Micro Text

Forms, Cheques, Bonds, ID Documents, Certificates of Deposit, Securities.

Photobooks and Calendars

Photobooks and Calendars

Select your digital photos, choose your theme, print your photobooks or calendars. Simple, fast, effective. We provide a wide range of themes to choose from and our graphic artists will assist in whatever way necessary to get your perfect book or calendar.

Special discounts on copies.

Press Proofs:

Press Proofs

These provide precise colour matching on our full range of stock options. The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black plates can be printed separately if required.


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