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Fish Charts For Buccoo Summer Camp

Healing for Horses Foundation in Tobago recently hosted its third consecutive Summer Camp in July.

Approximately 120 children, ages 6 – 12, differently abled with varying backgrounds, got together to experience a wide range of activities all geared to their level of abilities.

In small groups, the kids enjoyed music, dance, arts and crafts, sports, nature walks, yoga and the unique experience of being with horses.  In addition to this, the group was taken on a trip to the Buccoo Reef where they saw and learnt about the many species of Caribbean reef fish.

To assist with this very informative session, Print on Demand/I Wave Enterprises donated 120 of its locally designed and produced Fish Charts to the group of children.  Printed on waterproof vinyl material, the kids were able to take the charts with them on the boats and easily identify the fish.

Print on Demand was pleased to be part of this exciting summer camp and look forward to further interaction with the Healing for Horses Foundation and these special children in the future.


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