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iWAVE enterprises NEW

iWave Enterprises Introduces Caribbean Reef Charts

IWave Enterprises introduces exclusive, locally designed and produced, Caribbean Reef Fish and Coral Charts. You can purchase the Caribbean Reef Fish chart as a single or the Caribbean Reef Fish and Coral charts as a double!

Both charts are printed on 15 mil Vinyl which is water resistant and ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers to take along with them on their diving trips.

We invite you to call our office for further information or come in to take a look at these exciting charts!

Digital Die-Cutting Services NEW

Directly from Computer to Digital Die-Cutter, no manual rules or die blocks

  • High Precision Digital Cutting
  • More Economical Prices (Lower set-up costs)
  • Faster Turnaround Deliveries
  • Prototypes – New Design Testing

Applications: Danglers & Wobblers, Invitations, Shelf Talkers, Tent Cards, Boxes, Folders, Info Kits, Signs, Envelopes, Adhesive Stickers, CD Jackets, Displays, 3D Models, Packaging.

iWAVE enterprises NEW

Local Greeting Cards, Tags, Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper

Surprise family and friends abroad and at home with these unique “first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago” items, each with a special “Trini” flavour sure to invoke memories of the taste of pastelles, ham and sorrel and the sweet melodies of Parang and Pan music. Christmas and all occasion items are available.

Retailed at our In-house Gift Shop, Hi-Lo Supermarkets, SuperPharm, Kappa, Craft Creators -West Mall, Karenix - Long Circular Mall and selected Gift Shops nationwide.

Contact us directly for wholesale enquires.

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